Sophocles Papas: The Guitar,
His Life

by Elisabeth Papas Smith

In 1998, Elisabeth Papas Smith published a biography of her father. Entitled Sophocles Papas: The Guitar, His Life, the book provides details about Papas's early years in Greece; his beginning work with the guitar; his establishment of the Columbia Music Company, which is devoted solely to guitar music and is still publishing today; his connection with Andrés Segovia and their extensive correspondence; his friendship and correspondence with Carl Sandburg; and his many guitar friends and students, such as Charlie Byrd and Liona Boyd.

The book illustrates Papas's contribution not only to the classical guitar but also to cultural life in Washington, D.C., in the 1930s and later. It includes the entire text of his seminal article "Romance of the Guitar", which appeared first in The Etude Music Magazine in 1930. The book presents Papas in his roles as teacher, publisher, judge, collector, and even cook, and it contains a number of photographs of Papas, his family, and his friends.

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