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Aguado, Dionisio

494-00368 Arpeggio Studies, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 257) $4.99
494-00189 Eight Lessons, fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 160) $6.99

Griggs, John R.

494-00192 Position Etudes for Plectrum Guitar (CO 302) $6.99

Papas, Sophocles

494-00193 Complete Tremolo Book (CO 209) $7.99
494-00228 Sixty Solos for Guitar (Pick Style) (CO 301) $6.99
494-00194 Method for the Classical Guitar (CO 300) $17.99

Segovia, Andrés

494-00195 Diatonic Major and Minor Scales (CO 127) $7.99
494-02954 Slur Exercises, Trills, and Chromatic Octaves, by Andrés Segovia, revised and edited by Larry Snitzler (CO 361) $9.99

Smith, Elisabeth Papas

494-02487 Smith's Theory Book for Guitarists, revised edition (CO 359) $8.99



Albéniz, Isaac

494-00278 Leyenda (Asturias), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 162) $6.99
494-00243 Cádiz, arranged by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 225) $5.99
494-00249 Córdoba, arranged by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 226) $11.99

Albéniz, Mateo

494-00306 Sonata, transcribed by J. Cochran (CO 211) $5.99

Araújo, Francisco

494-00347 Virtuoso Waltz No. 1 (CO 237) $7.99

Bach, Johann Sebastian

494-00213 Papas’s Bach Album: Fourteen Pieces by J. S. Bach for Guitar (Bourrée II, from Suite No. 4 for Cello, BWV 1010; Andante, from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, BWV App. 131; Minuet, from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, BWV App. 114; Minuet, from Violin Partita No. 3, BWV 1006; Gavotte, from Gavotte en Rondeau from Violin Partita No. 3, BWV 1006; Gavotte I, from Suite No. 6 for Cello, BWV 1012 (revised by Elisabeth Papas Smith); Gavotte II, from Suite No. 6 for Cello, BWV 1012; Minuet, from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, BWV App. 115; Minuet III, de Suite en G, BWV 822; Minuet, from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, BWV App. 132; Gavotte II (Musette), from French Suite No. 3, BWV 808; Prelude, or Little Prelude for Lute, BWV 999; Sarabande, from Violin Partita No. 1, BWV 1002; Bourrée, from Lute Suite No. 1, BWV 996), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 169) $10.99
494-00274 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (from Cantata 147), transcribed by Sophocles Papas (CO 208) $4.99
494-00276 Largo from Cantata No. 156, arranged by Jodacil Damaceno (CO 205) $4.99
494-00281 Minuet and Musette, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 103) $4.99
494-00221 Six Pieces (Vol. I: Prelude in C, Entrata, Little Fantasia), transcribed by Sophocles Papas (CO 207a) $5.99
494-00222 Six Pieces (Vol. II: Prelude to Cello Suite No. 1, Bist Du bei Mir, Petite Courante), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 207b) $6.99
494-00304 Sonata II (Vol. I: Grave and Fuga), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 195a) $8.99
494-00305 Sonata II (Vol. II: Andante and Allegro), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 195b) $8.99
494-00332 Three Easy Pieces (Bourrée, Andante, Minuet), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 144) $4.99

Balada, Leonardo

494-00322 Suite No. 1, arranged by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 190) $24.99
494-00277 Lento with Variation, fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 206) $6.99

Beethoven, Ludwig van

494-00333 Two Bagatelles, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 111) $4.99

Borges, Raúl

494-00224 Six Venezuelan Pieces (Vol. I: Valse Venezolano, Estudio, Canción de Cuna in G major), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 228a) $6.99
494-00225 Six Venezuelan Pieces (Vol. II: Preludio, Melodia, Canción de Cuna in D major), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 228b) $6.99

Brescianello, Giuseppe Antonio

494-00290 Partita, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 217) $5.99

Byrd, Charlie

494-00233 Three Blues for Classic Guitar (Spanish Guitar Blues, Blues for Felix, Swing ’59) (CO 145) $6.99

Byrd, William

494-00292 Pavana Fantasia and Galliard, transcribed by Joseph Breznikar (CO 238a) $8.99
494-00293 Pavana and Galliard, transcribed by Joseph Breznikar (CO 238b) $8.99

Carols and Hymns

494-00205 Guitar Solos of Five Christmas Carols (Good King Wenceslas, Away in a Manger, Joy to the World, Adeste Fideles, Silent Night), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 113) $5.99
494-00246 Come Thou Almighty King and Londonderry Air, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 108) $4.99

Charlton, Andrew

494-01651 A Medieval Tapestry (CO 314) $7.99
494-01664 Rondo Fantasia (CO 328) $7.99

Charnofsky, Jordan

494-01768 Divertimento (CO 334) $4.99
494-01769 Sonho do Mar (Ondulação, Sonho do Mar, Zéphyro) (CO 335) $6.99

Chilesotti, Oscar

494-00336 Two Lute Pieces, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 138) $4.99
494-00218 Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance (Anon. Vaghe belleze et bionde treccie d’oro vedi che per ti moro, Cesare Negri Bianco fiore, Anon. Danza, Anon. Gagliarda, Anon. Se io m’accorgo, V. Galileo Saltarello), edited by Alan Neidle (CO 142) $6.99

Chopin, Frédéric

494-00342 Two Preludes (Op. 28, Nos. 7 and 20), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 146) $4.99
494-00234 Three Preludes (Op. 28, Nos. 4, 6, and 15), transcribed by Francisco Tárrega and edited by Sophocles Papas (CO 251) $8.99

Cimarosa, Domenico

494-00307 Sonata (Boghen XV), transcribed and fingered by Alice Artzt (CO 193) $4.99

DeVisée, Robert

494-00253 Easy Suite in D minor, revised by Sophocles Papas (CO 124) $4.99

Dowland, John

494-00238 Two Pieces for Guitar (Lachrimae and Can She Excuse), transcribed and fingered by Alice Artzt (CO 191) $11.95

Duarte, John W.

494-00291 Partita, fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 215) $9.99
494-00302 Simple Variations on “Las Folias” (Op. 10) (CO 152) $4.99
494-00341 Two Pieces for Guitar (Larghetto and Prelude) (CO 153) $5.99
494-00207 For My Friends (Greek Folk Song (Karagouna), Three Old Venetian Dance (Pavana in Passo e Mezzo, La Cara Cossa del Berdolin, Cornetto), Norse Song, French Carol (Il est ne, le divin enfant), Alla Gavotta (Op. 21), Spiritual (I Know the Lord’s Laid His Hands on Me), English Folk Dance (Gathering Peascods), Irish Folk Song (The Next Market Day), Prelude (Op. 29, No. 1)) (CO 183) $7.99

Falcon, Marvin

494-00266 Greek Dance and Lament (CO 176) $6.99

Ferrer y Esteve, José

494-00229 Spanish Favorites for Classic Guitar (Vals (Brisas de España), Serenata, Tango, Mazurca, Minueto, Danza de los Nayades, Terpsichore (Vals)), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 177) $9.99
494-00331 Three Dances (Tango, Mazurka, Minuet), edited by Betty Dove (CO 147) $4.99

Feuerstein, Robert

494-01770 Song of Love (CO 336) $4.99


494-00215 Six Easy Flamenco Variations (Farruca, Fandango, Solea, Soleares Fáciles, Farruca Fácil, Malagueña), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 117) $7.99
494-00214 Flamenco Solos for Guitar (Soleares, Malagueña, Solea, Soleares, Soledades, Pasacalle), revised by Sophocles Papas for the more advanced player (CO 166) $7.99

Foden, William

494-00223 Six Short Preludes, edited by Sophocles Papas (CO 159) $4.99


494-00316 Spanish Romance, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 123) $5.99
494-00232 Ten Brazilian Folk Tunes (Maracatu, Two Lullabies, Modinha, Sapo Jururu, Lundu, Despedida, Samba-Lelê, Peixe Vivo, Mulher Rendeira), harmonized by Isaias Savio, fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 188) $7.99

Fonseca, Carlos Alberto P.

494-00191 Seven Brazilian Etudes, edited and fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 230) $8.99

Fortea, Daniel

494-00303 Soleares Fáciles, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 116) $4.99

Galloway, Dean

494-01795 Afterimages (Hourglass Music; Crystal River Music; One Small, Translucent Hope; March of the Lemmings; Susurrus) (CO 346) $6.99

Giuliani, Mauro

494-00367 Fugue in G major, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 236) $5.99

Gómez Crespo, Jorge

494-00285 Norteña (Homage a Aguirre), fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 185) $5.99

Granados, Enrique

494-00344 Two Spanish Dances (No. 3 Fandango and No. 6 Rondalla Aragonesa), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 203) $7.99
494-00346 Valses Poéticos, transcribed by Benjamin Bolt (CO 212) $7.99

Grau, Eduardo

494-00262 La Fuente de Nie Pastrie (Vivo, Andante, Allegretto), fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 194) $8.99

Grieg, Edvard

494-00339 Two Pieces (Peasant’s Song and Waltz, Op. 12), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 240) $5.99
494-00280 Melody (from Lyric Pieces, Op. 47, No. 3), transcribed by Andrés Segovia (CO 129) $4.99

Guimarães, João

494-00314 Sounds of Bells, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 173) $5.99

Handel, George Frederick

494-00319 Suite in D minor (Vol. I: Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 201a) $7.99
494-00320 Suite in D minor (Vol. II: Minuet with Variations, Air, Allegro), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 201b) $7.99

Harris, Albert

494-00310 Sonatina, fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 178) $6.99
494-00317 Suite (Prologue, Pastorale, Song without Words, March, Waltz, Ariette Triste, Finale and Epilogue), fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 196) $8.99

Harrison, Lou

494-01766 The Lou Harrison Guitar Book, for guitar and optional percussion, edited and transcribed by David Tanenbaum (CO 342) $11.99

Haydn, Franz Joseph

494-00299 Serenade, transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 202) $6.99
494-00239 Andante, arranged by Francisco Tárrega and edited by Sophocles Papas (CO 148) $4.99
494-00240 Andante and Menuet, transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 218) $5.99

Holder, N. H. Derwyn

494-00311 Sonatina in One Movement (CO 156) $4.99

Ivanovici, Joseph

494-00250 Danube Waves Waltz, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 121) $4.99

Johanson, Bryan

494-01652 Simple Suite, Op. 13 (CO 315) $4.99
494-01658 Fresco I (CO 324) $6.99
494-01661 Mortua Dulce Cano (CO 326) $6.99

Llobet, Miguel

494-00204 Five Catalan Melodies (El Noy de la Mare, El Testamento de Amelia, Plany, La Filla del Marxant, El Mestre), revised by Sophocles Papas (CO 232) $8.99

Meyerriecks, Jeffrey

494-00244 Canonic Variations on the names “Sophocles” and “Mercia” (CO 221) $6.99
494-00208 Four Preludes (August, Fantasy on a Child’s Song, Burlesque, Images) (CO 252) $9.99

Mignone, Francisco

494-00236 Twelve Etudes (Vol. I: Nos. 1 through 5), fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 186a) $13.99
494-00237 Twelve Etudes (Vol. II: Nos. 6 through 12), fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 186b) $13.99

Milan, Luys

494-00220 Six Pavanas, transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 239) $9.99

Morgan, Alexander

494-02843 Echoes of Prague (Pražské ozvěny) (CO 360) $6.99

Moussorgsky, Modest

494-00286 The Old Castle (from Pictures at an Exhibition), transcribed by Sophocles Papas (CO 229) $5.99

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

494-00261 Four Themes (Theme from Pastorale Variée, Theme from Sonata in A major, Allegro, Alas I Have Lost My Love), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 133) $5.99

Muñoz Molleda, José

494-00252 Diferencias sobre un Tema, revised and fingered by Andrés Segovia (CO 213) $6.99

Narváez, José Luis

494-00251 Diferencias on the Spanish Tune “Conde Claros” (1538), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 248) $5.99

Paganini, Niccolo

494-00265 Grand Sonata, arranged and edited by Jeffrey Meyerriecks (CO 214) $39.00
494-00313 Sonatina and Minuet, revised and fingered by William Campbell (CO 224) $5.99

Papas, Sophocles

494-00326 Sylvia Waltz, for guitar solo or duet (CO 114) $4.99

Ponce, Manuel

494-00337 Two Pieces: I. Scherzino Mexicano, transcribed by Sophocles Papas; II. Giga Melancólica, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 199) $4.99

Presti, Ida

494-00256 Etude du Matin (Concert Study) (CO 164) $5.99

Pritchard, David

494-01796 Clockworks (CO 347) $8.99

Purcell, Daniel

494-00298 Sarabande, transcribed by Jack M. Smith, Jr. (CO 250) $4.99

Ravel, Maurice

494-00294 Pavane pour une enfante défunte, transcribed by Richard Franklin (CO 249) $6.99

Rubinstein, David

494-02485 Quintessential Steps , for solo guitar (CO 357) $6.99
494-01690 Segovia (CO 330) $5.99

Santorsola, Guido

494-00330 Three Airs of Court (Preludio, Aria, Finale), fingered by Abel Carlevaro (CO 219) $6.99
494-00334 Two Brazilian Pieces (Chôro No. 1 and Valsa Chôro), fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 245) $7.99
494-00340 Two Pieces (Ringraziamento and Tempo di Minuetto), fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 242) $6.99

Scarlatti, Alessandro

494-00264 Gavotte, arranged by Elisabeth Papas Smith (CO 122) $4.99

Scarlatti, Domenico

494-00211 9 Sonatas (Vol. I: L. 352, L. 79, L. 423, L. 438, L. 483), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 184a) $9.99
494-00212 9 Sonatas (Vol. II: L. 187, L. 83, L. 454, L. 23), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 184b) $9.99
494-00308 Sonata (L. 238), arranged by Juracil Damaceno (CO 204) $4.99
494-00309 Sonata Pastorale (L. 433 – K. 446), transcribed and fingered by Alice Artzt (CO 192) $5.99
494-00235 Three Sonatas (L. 290, L. 527, L. 395), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 198) $8.99
494-00436 Three More Sonatas (L. 437, L. 430, L. 374), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 233) $8.99
494-01767 Six Scarlatti Sonatas (L. 59, L. 16, L. 8, L. 193, L. 492, L. 25), transcribed by Robert Phelps (CO 343) $14.99

Schiffman, Harold

494-01656 Rhapsody (CO 321) $7.99

Segovia, Andrés

494-02486 For Carl Sandburg, with facsimile of original manuscript; transcribed and edited by Jhon C. Akers (CO 358) $5.99

Silva, Jesús

494-01657 10 Preludes (CO 322) $8.99

Skinger, Jim

494-01797 Suite Ibiza (CO 312) $8.99

Sor, Fernando

494-00193 El Colibri, in Complete Tremolo Book, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 209) $7.99
494-00258 Folias de España, revised and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 100) $4.99
494-00226 Sixty Short Pieces for Guitar (Vol. I: Nos. 1 through 38), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 170a) $8.99
494-00227 Sixty Short Pieces for Guitar (Vol. II: Nos. 39 through 60), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 170b) $8.99
494-00219 Six Minuets (Op. 25; Op. 22; Op. 11, Nos. 5, 6, 7, and 10), edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 231) $8.99

Tárrega, Francisco

494-00193 Recuerdos de la Alhambra, in Complete Tremolo Book, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 209) $7.99
494-00275 Lágrima and Adelita, edited by Sophocles Papas (CO 143) $5.99

Torroba, Federico Moreno

494-00312 Sonatina, fingered by Andrés Segovia (CO 168) $9.99

Turina, Joaquín

494-00301 Sevillana (Fantasía), revised by Andrés Segovia (CO 158) $10.99

Villa-Lobos, Heitor

494-00245 Chôro Típico, No. 1, revised and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 150) $4.99

Vivaldi, Antonio

494-00248 Concerto in D, adapted by Charlie Byrd (CO 181) $6.99

Weiss, Silvius Leopold

494-00366 Ciacona, arranged by Alice Artzt (CO 200) $4.99
494-00216 Six Lute Pieces from the Baroque (Vol. I: Prelude, Menuet, Allegro), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 187a) $8.99
494-00217 Six Lute Pieces from the Baroque (Vol. II: Courante, Sarabande, Chaconne), transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 187b) $8.99

Yoghourtjian, James

494-00318 Suite (CO 157) $6.99

Yradier, Sebastián

494-00289 La Paloma, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 109) $4.99


494-00230 Student Guitarist’s Delight (Vol. I), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 115a) $7.99
494-00231 Student Guitarist’s Delight (Vol. II), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 115b) $7.99
494-00200 Album of Guitar Solos (R. Schumann Romanza; H. Purcell Minuet, Jig, A New Irish Tune; C. W. Glück Ballet; Andrés Segovia Estudio-Vals; J. S. Bach Courante; Brahms Vals; E. Grieg Melody from Lyric Pieces Op. 47, No. 3), transcribed by Andrés Segovia (CO 171) $7.99
494-00338 Two Pieces (Andrés Segovia Estudio; Paquita Madriguera Humorada), edited and fingered by Andrés Segovia (CO 210) $6.99
494-00273 Two Pieces (Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair and Country Gardens), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 105) $4.99
494-00343 Two Short Pieces (Liszt Liebestraum and Beethoven Theme), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 106) $4.99
494-00206 Five Solos for Guitar (Peruvian Air, Arabesque, To Tsopanopoulo, Berceuse, E. Poldini Valse Serenade), arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 102) $6.99
494-02062 Latin American Solos (Heitor Villa-Lobos Chôros, revised and fingered by Sophocles Papas; João Guimarães Sounds of Bells, revised and fingered by Sophocles Papas; Brazilian Folk Tunes: Maracatu, Modinha, Samba-Lelê, Peixe Vivo, fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima and harmonized by Isaias Savio; Jorge Gómez Crespo Norteña, fingered by Sophocles Papas; Raúl Borges Vals Venezolano, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas; Vicente Emilio Sojo Endecha, Quirpa, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas) (CO 354) $9.99
494-02061 The Sophocles Papas Memorial Collection (Traditional Frère Jacques; E. J. Canning Rock-a-Bye Baby; Papas Waltz in C; S. Foster Swanee River; F. Sor Divertimento in G, Op. 2, No. 1; S. L. Weiss Minuet in D Minor; Papas Prelude; Traditional Raggle-Taggle Gypsies; Sakura; Vidalita; F. Gruber Silent Night; Traditional Long, Long Ago; F. von Flotow Air from “Martha”; Traditional What Child Is This?; Away in a Manger; Cat-a-Rondo; Auld Lang Syne; Dark Eyes; Cuban Dance; Aura Lee; S. Foster Old Black Joe; Traditional America; Tango; F. von Flotow The Last Rose of Summer; Traditional The Ashgrove; Two Guitars; Queen Liliuokalani Aloha Oe; Papas Berceuse; Traditional Country Gardens; C. Gurlitt Lullaby; Traditional How Can I Leave Thee?; W. T. Pierson Calling for You; Traditional Bar’bry Allen; F. Sor Minuet in D, Op. 11, No. 5); compositions and arrangements by Sophocles Papas (CO 353) $11.99



Bartók, Béla

494-02063 Four Bagatelles for Two Guitars, arranged by Stephen Dick (CO 355) $9.99

Carulli, Fernando

494-00353 Duet Etude for Two Guitars, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 167) $4.99

Chobanian, Loris

494-01765 Chaconne Chromatique, for two guitars, edited and fingered by Julian Gray and Ronald Pearl (CO 341) $14.99

Debussy, Claude

494-00351 Clair de Lune, for two guitars, arranged by Jorge Martínez Zárate (CO 175) $7.99

Duarte, John W.

494-01655 Diptych No. 1, for four guitars (CO 318) $47.00


494-00267 Greensleeves, for solo guitar, two guitars, or voice with guitar, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 141) $4.99

Green, Harold Bellman

494-00356 Folk Tune Fugue, for two guitars (CO 216) $10.99

Hartsfield, R. M.

494-01718 Suite for Two Guitars, fingered by Randy Reed (CO 333) $14.99
494-02028 Moto Perpetuo, or Paradies Lost, based on a Sonata in A by Pietro Domenico Paradies, for two guitars, fingered by Billy Stewart and Neil Douglas (CO 350) $8.99

Haydn, Franz Joseph

494-02060 Scherzino, from 12 Menuette, for two guitars, arranged by Sophocles Papas (CO 352) $5.99

Johanson, Bryan

494-01659 Tiento VI, for two guitars (CO 323) $19.99
494-01660 Fresco II, for two guitars (CO 325) $13.99

l'Hoyer, Antoine de

494-00360 Three Nocturnes (Nos. 1, 2, and 3), for two guitars, edited and fingered by Sophocles Papas (CO 165) $7.99

Linn, Robert

494-01654 Forward, Inward, Afterward, for two guitars (CO 317) $17.99

Martínez Zárate, Jorge

494-00359 Preludio, for two guitars (CO 222) $4.99
494-00352 Danza No. 2, for two guitars (CO 223) $6.99

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

494-01628 Viennese Sonatina No. 1 (from Six Viennese Sonatinas), for two guitars, transcribed by Sophocles Papas (CO 310) $15.99

Papas, Sophocles

494-00326 Sylvia Waltz, for guitar solo or duet (CO 114) $4.99

Ponce, Manuel

494-00355 Five Pieces for Two Guitars (Scherzino Maya, Arrulladora Mexicana, Intermezzo, Scherzino, Scherzino Mexicano), transcribed by Jorge Martínez Zárate (CO 182) $7.99

Schneiter, Fred

494-01794 Suite No. 1, for two guitars (CO 344) $18.99



Bach, Johann Sebastian

494-01629 Menuet in G (from the Little Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach), for melody instrument and guitar, arranged by Elisabeth Papas Smith (CO 311) $4.99

Baxter, Garth

491-00425 Three from Sara, in From the Heart: Three American Women, Vol. I, for guitar and voice (CO 345a) $5.99
491-00426 Two Remembrances, in From the Heart: Three American Women, Vol. II, for guitar and voice (CO 345b) $5.99
491-00427 Willa, in From the Heart: Three American Women, Vol. III, for guitar and voice (CO 345c) $10.99

Charlton, Andrew

494-01662 Caprice, for guitar and flute (CO 327a) $8.99
494-01663 Caprice, for guitar and B♭ clarinet (CO 327b) $8.99

Duarte, John W.

491-00420 Friends and Lovers, for guitar and voice (CO 319) $11.99
491-00408 Hark, Hark, the Ark!, for guitar and voice, fingered by Raymond Burley (CO 320) $14.99

Gelli, Vicenzo

494-01543 Two Divertimenti, Op. 2, for flute or violin and guitar, revised by Spiros Thomatos (CO 174) $7.99

Handel, George Frederick

494-00247 Concerto in A major, reduction for guitar and piano, transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 220) $10.99

Harris, Albert

494-01717 Concertino de California, for guitar and string quartet, edited and fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima (CO 332) $42.95

Johanson, Bryan

494-01762 Two Cats Fugue, for guitar and harpsichord (CO 337) $17.99

Kessner, Daniel

494-01763 Circle Music II, for guitar and flute (CO 340) $15.99

Leisner, David

491-00418 Five Songs of Devotion, for guitar and voice (CO 338) $17.99

Linn, Robert

494-01653 Serenade, for guitar, flute, B♭ clarinet, and cello (CO 316) $19.99
494-01665 Splay, for guitar, flute, and E♭ alto saxophone (CO 329) $19.99

Rupert, Chris

494-02026 Prelude for Guitar and Flute (CO 348) $6.99

Skinger, Jim

494-02027 Just for Friends, for guitar and flute (CO 349) $8.99

Smith, Elisabeth Papas

494-00210 The Highwayman and 12 Other Folk Songs (The Highwayman, Cherry Tree Carol, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Cock Robin, The Cuckoo, Dear Companion, Gentle Fair Jennie, The Gypsy Laddie, Jack and Jill, Paper of Pins, Pretty Saro, Riddle Song, Souling Song), arranged in modal style (CO 151) $15.99

Stanley, Ted

494-01764 Jungle Music, a dance, for guitar, flute, and double bass (CO 339) $14.99

Stewart, Billy

494-02029 Joy!, for guitar and flute (CO 351) $9.99

Torok, Alan

494-01716 London Quartet, for guitar, violin, viola, and cello (CO 331) $31.95



Smith, Elisabeth Papas

497-00392 Sophocles Papas: The Guitar, His Life, 254 pp. + XII, ISBN: 0-9658954-0-8 $20.99

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